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How a successful photographer’s landing page should look like

Being a good photographer today means not only having the talent, but also having a marketing ability. Photography services are a very competitive niche. Sometimes even talented professionals find it difficult to stand out among the multitude of photographers.

The harder thing is to make yourself known for the first time as an experienced photographer to the sophisticated public, to gain popularity and to get the first customers. Photographer can't work without modern tools of promotion: social networks, own website, blog or landing pages. High-quality landing page with a cool portfolio and a clinging offer is the most effective way to advertise and find customers.

How to create a selling lending page for a photographer and what you should focus on to leave competitors behind? Let's talk in our material.

Why is it worth creating a landing page?

The main goal of the landing page is to encourage the user to make the targeted action: leave a request, call, go to the site, etc. A multi-page sites or social media profiles do these tasks worse. And we will tell you why.

  • The majority of photographers post typical information on their websites – about me, my work, contacts. This format provides much less opportunity to stand out among competitors. Yes, you can have unique pictures, but the visitor still has to get to them. To do this, you need to carefully work with the user interface, navigation, design, calls to action, etc. This is a very painstaking and resource-intensive work. A quality website is also a fairly expensive project. The landing page is only the most necessary information in a compressed form and clear guides to action. The reader does not waste time navigating: everything that he wants to know about you is placed on one page.
  • If you compare the selling page with the social network profile, then the main advantage of landing page will be creativity. After all, this is exactly that one thing for which people of creative professions are appreciated. And this is the main criterion for choosing a photographer. No matter how hard you try to design an unusual page on Instagram or Facebook, you will not be able to go beyond the templated format. After viewing 2 or 3 accounts, you will think that all of them are similar to each other. The only way to emphasize your individuality is to use non-standard types of shooting, but this is a narrow focus in the profession. Such a photographer will find his own client by other parameters.
  • Unlike social networking pages, landing page is well indexed by search engines. In the long term, for SEO-promotion, it is somewhat worse than a full-fledged site. But landing page is just perfect if you engage customers through contextual or banner advertising.

On the landing page, you can place not only contacts, but also links to a multi-page site, personal blog, accounts in social networks, so that customers can learn more about your work.

Thus, the main sales tool for a photographer is an original and well-designed landing page. Distinctive features of a successful selling page are minimalism, creativity, clinging offer, stylish design, user-friendliness and, of course, an unusual portfolio.

Minimalism: briefly about the main things

Laconicism is the hallmark of an effective landing page. Photography is a field that does not require detailed explanations of what the essence of the work is. It is also not important for the visitor to know all the biographical details about you. Leave long biographies and template phrases to your competitors. The selling page of a modern photographer should tell the client as simply and clearly as possible:

  • what is your specialization (wedding, family photos, reportage photography, etc.);
  • how much his vision of a cool photo coincides with yours – there is no need for text at all, just a visual representation of your work;
  • why should he choose your services (price, unique selling proposal, other benefits);
  • how can you be found.

This page immediately makes it clear to the visitor what services he can get: "Wedding Photography in Sydney".

Like this one: "Reportage photographer"

The next two examples are ultra-minimalistic and very stylish. But this is precisely what attracts, making the reader to scroll further for more details.

Do you need a landing page for photography services?

Creating professional landing pages for the different purposes of the business is one of Arto Web Agency's main specializations. We are distinguished by responsibility and full commitment in the task we take on. Our experience is trusted. Trust us too.

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Simplicity and easy navigation

The classic landing page does not include many information blocks. But, if the photographer specializes in various shooting subjects, it is important to show all these directions to the client, but without overloading the landing page with complex elements and without complicating its structure.

You can do it using:

  • unusual color schemes;
  • animated transitions, sliders, scrolling;
  • stylish typography, etc.

The main requirement for a quality selling page is fast loading and mobile-friendliness. Therefore, choosing between beautiful, but "heavy" effects and a more "light" design, give preference to the second. Another advantage of simple navigation is that it pushes the visitor to the target action, giving no chance to surf the site aimlessly.

A small lifehack for increasing the effectiveness of the landing page: equip each screen with an attention-grabbing point, like a link to the registration form, portfolio or to the next block.

For example, like this:

Or like this:

All attention to the offer

The photographer's unique selling proposal is unusual by its form. In other areas (for example, when creating a landing page for car service or for event) we are talking about:

  • catchy phrases;
  • promotional offers;
  • competitive advantages for the selected target audience (for example, geographical location or deadlines).

For the photographer, the main selling point is the level of his work. Let's try to explain with examples:

This landing page describes everything without any word. Photo services for famous media people in Ukraine are the best sign of professionalism. And, of course, the style of the pictures is "talking" and focuses on the specific request of the target audience.

Laconic first screens, contrary to all the rules for creating landing pages, do not include calls to action or offers. But they give an understanding of the professional level of photographers. Unnecessary details does not distract attention from a cool picture.

Of course, we also recommend using classical techniques, compiling a unique selling proposition. Especially if you have a really profitable offer.

Do not ignore seasonal promotions or package offers. For beginner photographers, this can become an additional incentive to increase sales.

Portfolio: the whole point is in design

We have mentioned the importance of a creative and stylish portfolio several times. How to make it great, except using talented pictures?

  • Image selection – focus on the unique photos, for example, from unusual angles, with the play of light and shadow, emotional reportage pictures without forced poses.

Here is a great example for a wedding photographer's landing page:

"Alive" photos and black and white colors make the photographer's style recognizable. This portfolio compares favorably with many standard wedding photos.

  • Single style. Bright or restrained tones, photos with or without captions, strict or chaotic structure, thematic ordering – choose something that suits your vision best and adhere to this style throughout the gallery.

  • Trending directions in design. The profession of a photographer is creative and dynamic. Therefore, when creating a landing page, it is very important to take into account current trends in web design. You can revive the photo gallery with bold color combinations, animated scrolls, unusual design elements (for example, your own logo), etc.
  • Backstage video. Give visitors a sense of presence, show your work from the inside. Still, personal sympathy plays a big role in the success in photography. If your future clients look at the atmosphere in which the photo shoot takes place, then they will be able to understand whether they like your approach. Make a reportage video about your work, order a quality editing, add some emotions and customer reviews at the end of the video. This will increase the loyalty of the audience.

  • Stories. If the space and format of the landing page allows, tell interesting stories about creating a photoset, or make different thematic collections and place them in a small story.

Focus on selling items: price, feedback, and call to action

The standard blocks for any landing page are not an exception for the photographer's one.

  • Price – with high competition, it becomes a key factor for many customers. If you want to increase conversion rate, add a price list.

  • Reviews are a classic trigger of trust. It will be great if the comments are in video format. Also a good option is linking reviews to real profiles on social networks. Sincerity and genuine emotions are better than any high-sounding phrases. Therefore, the main requirement for comments is their authenticity.

  • Call to action and registration form. Do not make the feedback form too large – the shorter it is, the higher the conversion rate. Buttons for communication should be noticeable and encourage users. Use the classic calls to action, such as "Learn more", "Get a free consultation", as well as the authorial ones.

  • Contacts. Add links to social networks, multi-page website, instant messengers, etc. Keep in mind that the work of the photographer does not fit into strict time frames, so a phone call is not the best way to communicate. Make an opportunity for clients to send a message to the messenger directly from the browser: it could speed up the process of communicating with you.

Creative one-page site for photo services is an effective way to engage customers. In contrast to promotion through social networks, the landing page opens up many opportunities for creating a unique sales tool. Your own style, modern design, and bright portfolio will make your promo page memorable.

Focus on the visual component, simplify the structure, minimize uninformative elements and make the page user-friendly. This will increase conversion rate, allow you to stand out among competitors and occupy your niche in this popular industry.

Creating a quality promotional page for a photographer requires a creative approach, using new trends and technologies. If you need professional development assistance, you can outsource this task to Arto Web Agency: creating landing pages is one of our main specializations. We will design the page to highlight the benefits of your offer and present your portfolio in a best way. Click on the button below to fill a short form, and we will process your request.

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