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Landing page for car service: how to make it an effective sales tool

Car service is quiet a specific area for online promotion. Many service station owners neglect the site and out of habit attract customers using word of mouth or outdoor advertising. At the same time, a website or landing page for a car service can be a very effective sales tool.

The presence of the company on the Internet opens up great opportunities for advertising and increasing brand awareness. This especially works in large cities, where competition among auto repair services is high. Creating a landing page, you need to pay attention to several important points.

  • Website visitors want to see a clear and understandable structure: what, where and when they can receive. Therefore, you should pay maximum attention to convenient navigation and description of the service.
  • In many cases, customers look for car services directly on the move, flipping through the web site from a smartphone. This means that the landing page must have an adaptive design and layout.
  • Pricing policy is one of the key factors for choosing a performer, so the price list is necessary for a successful selling page.

You can read more about these and other features of creating a landing page for auto repair in our article.

8 signs of an effective selling page for a car service

Convenient navigation

Therefore, here are the main questions a consumer is interested in:

  • What can I get?
  • Where is the service station located (is it convenient to get there)?
  • When does the service work?
  • How to sign up?

Creating a landing page, focus on the answers to these questions. Your client should not search too long for buttons to navigate – the easier and more intuitive the landing page navigation is, the better result you get.

An example of a good landing page:

It is not overloaded with buttons or images. Intuitive navigation buttons are located at the page's top on the right side. The first screen attracts user's attention.

A beautiful image, list of services and a clickable phone that redirects the user to a block with detailed contacts and a work schedule are what should be on your promotional page.

Do not clutter the first screen with a large amount of information.

This landing page sells perfectly: a bright and noticeable call to "find out the price"; a simple and understandable description of what the company is doing, and a spectacular image.

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Mobile-frienlieness and fast loading

The promotional page for the service station should correctly display itself on mobile devices. If a client has a punctured tire or his battery is exhausted, then he doesn’t think for a long time, as with construction companies’ pages, but immediately rushes in search of the nearest service station. Therefore, creating a landing page, immediately pay attention to adaptive design and minimize the factors that "overload" the site.

  • Add only the most necessary items.
  • Choose your fonts carefully: the recommended format for mobile devices is WOFF or WOFF 2.0. Optimize your images. You can use the modern .webp format.
  • Adapt tables: make horizontal scrolling that works well on mobile screens, or even replace them with a different data display format.


The main rule for selling content in the automotive services industry is "less words, more work examples".

Leave long texts for information resources. Your landing page should visualize. There is an extremely small likelihood that the client does not have any idea about what tire fitting and wheel alignment is.

Pay maximum attention to creating a unique selling proposition. Replace the lengthy descriptions with the visual component:

  • take professional photos of the service itself and the examples of work;
  • the perfect solution is to add a "Before and after" section into the gallery: this is the strongest confirmation of your advantages;
  • you can add photos of the team and equipment – this factor increases confidence;
  • add a video about the service.

A good example of a real work: the client can immediately see what he will get in the end.

Price list

Let's start with some examples:

These landing pages motivate the client to make a quick decision. Prices are maximally detailed for different types of services. Therefore, the buyer can easily compare them with competitors' ones and evaluate whether the price suits him.

Price for car service is a necessary and very important element. Due to the high competition in this area, the pricing policy that can become a key factor in deciding on an order.

You can place the price list in the form of:

  • integrated table is suitable if you have a limited range of services and fixed prices. The table has several significant advantages: it loads quickly and is easy to develop. This is the most rational choice for the price list for similar services or work that does not require many additional elements. Do not forget that the table should be clearly structured and displayed correctly on mobile devices;
  • an online calculator is a more expensive tool, but it allows you to compactly display a wide range of services with a large number of variables. The calculator allows the client to count the cost of work according to the required parameters.

Landing page structure

An effective promotional page for car service should have a simple structure that maximally reveals all the aspects of the work. It includes such elements:

  • service presentation. The first screen should clearly describe what the company’s work is. We gave good examples at the very beginning of the article;
  • advantages. It's a block of information about the company. Its main goal is to inspire the customer confidence and encourage him to make an order.

  • services and prices. It's the answer to the main question of the potential buyer: "What can I get and how much does it cost?";
  • examples of work. Here you can clearly show what the service does and what the client gets.
  • contacts and registration form. The entire structure of the landing page should be built in such a way as to encourage the client to leave a request or call the company.

To make the landing page look more attractive, pay special attention to the services section.

  • Write a short text for each type of service and indicate the price. This block can be displayed in a window on top of the main content, after placing the cursor or as pop-ups.

  • For better visibility, add icons or images of services.

The first two sites display intuitive icons: visually this makes it easier and faster to find the right block. On the last slide you can see the high-quality photos that reflect the process of work.


Do not write large "About Us" sections. Try to avoid template designs like "The best service and the lowest prices". Think about your competitive advantages and display them as a short list or icons.

  • Emphasize the quality of equipment (avoiding common phrases): indicate the brand or country of manufacture of the device.
  • Focus on work experience.
  • Provide a guarantee.
  • Do you do the job faster than your competitors do? Be sure to mention this.
  • If you have certificates for performing unique works, they are also worthy of attention and will increase customer's confidence.
  • Are you an official dealer of spare parts or oils of any brand? Do certificates also confirm it? Show this to customers.
  • If there is a related service at the service station, such as a cafe or a store selling spare parts, be sure to indicate this fact in the benefits section.

Get inspired by good examples of car service selling pages:


Fake reviews, images from photo banks and many enthusiastic comments – it's more than bad manners. These are killers of sales. Users have already learned to recognize pseudo-clients. Today you can verify the authenticity of a feedback in just a couple of clicks by looking for a person's photo on Google or Facebook.

One of the best options for creating a positive image of a business is video feedback. It's as natural as possible. However, text comments with photos also have the right to be. An important condition for their effectiveness is honesty. These reviews are credible:

Please note that your web site should give an ability to write a feedback, otherwise the user will have doubts about the veracity of previously published comments.

Contacts and registration form

This is essentially the most important element of the landing page, although it is usually placed at the very end. All the efforts of the creators are aimed at one result – a client’s registration for the services.

Here are a few selling tricks that you can use in this section.

  • Place contacts and a call to action in a prominent place. Optimal is to put them on the first screen, so that the user sees them during the first contact with the landing page, and at all the places suitable for this. The CTA button should harmoniously fit into the text or background image, but be noticeable.
  • Add the ability to order a callback or call the manager directly from the browser. This can be done using IP telephony.

Contact information is not always just an address and phone number. Take advantage of various opportunities to make a customer's visit more convenient.

  • Add a map: surely with the ability to get directions and determine the current location. Use Google Maps and other services.
  • Indicate the working hours. Many customers need car service on weekends or off hours. Maybe you will be the right company where they could go.
  • Publish driving directions from popular city locations. As, for example, done here:

The registration form is clearly visible on this landing page: it's right on the main screen:

On this web site, all the contacts and the registration form are displayed in the header of the page:

As so is here:

Landing page or a full web site

Typically, car service stations are not a highly specialized service (although, of course, there are exceptions). Such companies offer a wide range of services, and the landing page format assumes brevity. Therefore, the best choice for a car service with a wide range of services is a multi-page site.

Landing page in this case can act as a promo for some seasonal work or an offer. The site and the landing page are not mutually exclusive, but complement.

Thus, an effective selling page for a car service is a clearly structured landing page with a minimalistic design and an emphasis on important elements:

  • what services the company provides;
  • how much do they cost;
  • company's benefits;
  • contacts and registration form.

If the range of services that a car service provides is large, then we recommend choosing a multi-page site. In this case, use a landing page as an advertising page for a separate service or some promotions and discounts.

But if you do not want to burden yourself with unnecessary worries to create a landing page for your service station, you can contact us: Arto Web Agency is always glad to help you! Landing page development is one of our specialities. We will consider your goals and create an individual, modern promotional page. Fill in the form by clicking on the button below and we will definitely process your request.

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