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Landing page for a beauty salon: setting the right accents

A beauty salon, which wants to grow and scale its business, cannot do it without a full-fledged web resource. Popular promotion of cosmetic services on social networks is more suitable for individual masters or very small beauty studios. The site will significantly increase the customer base and brand awareness.

Landing page or a multi-page site – what is better to choose for a beauty salon? How not to waste your energy and resources on development? Let's see the intricacies of creating an effective page for promoting cosmetology and hairdressing services.

Landing page vs. website for a beauty salon

Landing page is a page that contains information about a product, service or a company. It can either be independent, forming a one-page site, or be part of a full-fledged site. The main goal of such a promotional page is to encourage the user to perform the target action:

  • leave contact information;
  • go to the main site;
  • sign up for a service;
  • call etc.

The multi-page website also contains calls for action, but its main goals are to inform customers about the list of services that the salon provides and to promote the brand in search engines.

If landing page is a fast traffic in large volumes, then a site is a way to increase customer confidence by telling them about the advantages and philosophy of the company, and to show expertise in beauty matters.

  • Landing page for a beauty salon is suitable for getting a quick result (applications, registration, influx of customers). But this format will be ineffective if the list of services includes complex or innovative procedures, the usefulness of which must be explained to the client.
  • Choose a multi-page website if you want to create a holistic brand image, inform customers about new procedures and promote the company in search engines by targeted keywords.
  • The best option is to develop a full-fledged website with promotional pages for each service.

Landing page can be a good solution for advertising new products, seasonal discounts or promotions. If you have just recently opened and strive to increase the influx of customers, a promotional page will also be a good way.

Let us dwell on the features of creating landing pages for beauty salons.

How to make a selling landing page: inspirational examples

Most of the tips on the Internet on the topic "How to create a selling page" come down to recommendations to post high-quality photos and write some motivating calls to action. These things are relevant for any landing page.

The beauty industry is a highly competitive niche. Beautiful pictures are not enough for standing out and being remembered: you need the right accents. Landing page for a beauty salon should be:

  • convenient and intuitive – take into account the characteristics of the target audience: maybe unusual scrolls look spectacular, but if they make it difficult to view information, abandon this design;
  • mobile-friendliness is a requirement of time: more than 80% of users access the Internet from smartphones;
  • with thoughtful design and content to encourage a potential customer to take action.

Design: emphasis on pastel colors and personality

Delicate shades are associated with youth and beauty. If you promote a beauty salon with a predominance of services for women, then they will fit the best.

The classic website design in pastel colors makes the client want to enjoy anti-aging procedures. Soft pink, cream and other soft shades give calm and a sense of comfort. Feminine colors look very advantageous in contrast with rich bright accents.

You can also play with the name of the beauty studio in design. Such talking names as "Orange" or "Chocolate" simply oblige to the corresponding color palette:

If you want to emphasize your unique style, brand philosophy and you are not afraid to take risks, your choice is a minimalistic modern design with unusual elements.

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Unusual structure

First of all, the beauty industry is all about creativity. Strict corporate design, which may be appropriate on the landing page of a construction company or law firm, is unlikely to be effective here. The standard arrangement of blocks on the landing is yesterday's trend. Experiment with unusual ways to place information:

  • mix geometric shapes;
  • use the 3D format;
  • swap familiar information blocks.

This will not only refresh your landing page, but also fuel the interest of readers.

For example, like this:

Or like this:

High-quality photo and video content

Properly selected images are a key to the success. Buyers choose with their eyes, and especially such a product as external beauty. The photo and video of your work should be so high-quality and juicy that you want to touch it.

Visualize the result of the work as realistically as possible, so that the client feels the desire to try this procedure on himself. Here are some useful life hacks for "delicious" photo and video content.

  • Promo video – a short video about the work process, about your salon or brand philosophy. Usually it is placed on the first screen as a background video or as a separate unit. This adds dynamics to the landing page and makes the text "alive".

  • "Live" photos – the image of the process, satisfied customers, employees or the interior of the salon looks much more better than stock photos of "fatal beauties" with luxurious hair.

  • Animated images or cinemographs – static photos with moving elements – are a great way to attract user's attention and increase conversion rate. They help to better understand the process and enliven the page.

  • The photo gallery is still relevant for the landing, but it must be creative. Typical blocks with a large number of images don't look fresh. Draw inspiration from beautiful examples of photo galleries for beauty salons in an unusual design:

Competitive advantages

There are many tools to stand out and be remembered by the visitor. In addition to the standard "Our advantages" block, you can apply in the competition:

  • certificates of the salon or masters, especially if they are unique in their kind;

  • interesting special things of your salon, such as your own mobile application;

  • specific facts about your work, expressed in numbers or actions;

  • individual style and brand vision – as, for example, you can see here:

Cool offer

You have to work hard for a unique selling proposition. Final client's decision of signing up for the services depends exactly on the creativity and personality of your offer. It would be better to place it on the first screen, but in different variations you can repeat it in several other blocks on the page. Offer customers favorable conditions (promotions, discounts) – this will significantly increase the conversion rate.

We will leave here a few examples of cool offers, which are hard to remain indifferent to.


The specificity of the beauty sphere also lies in the fact that customers go to the salon not only because of the beautiful interior or the pleasant service. They go to people – masters and professionals.

Therefore, an important criterion for choosing such services is a pleasant team. Beauty is a very intimate procedure for many people, and they want to find a master whom they can trust. Therefore, you need to introduce them to a team of salon's specialists.

How to do this in an interesting way? Take a look on our examples:

What else can't be forgotten?

  • Prices. The price list of services is an important factor of choice. Usually it is placed in the form of a table or graphic blocks.

  • Feedback. Real customer comments with photos and links to their profiles on social networks inspire the reader's confidence. Be sure to provide a feedback form so that every customer can leave a review.

  • Contacts and registration form. They should be noticeable and prompt to action. Place the buttons leading to the registration form on the initial screen. A perfect option for a beauty salon is a special program for online registration with a calendar, the ability to select a specific master and the function of reminding a client about a visit.

The floating buttons for registration are implemented here: they move to the next screen while scrolling.

And also here:

If you have enough space, you can add to the landing page some cosmetics you work with, partners' products or unique bonuses for customers. For example, if you have a place to drink a cup of coffee in your salon, or clients can purchase personal care products.

Summing up, we note that the landing page for cosmetology, nail service and other services of beauty salons is a good choice for promoting a small assortment of works, as well as for rapid conversion rate growth.

To make an effective marketing page, focus on design, unusual structure, high-quality and modern visual content.

Come up with a unique offer and outline your advantages in order to stand out from your competitors.

If your main goal is to convey your mission and brand values to the audience, inform clients about a unique service, then choose a multi-page website with separate landing pages for services. This will help to advance in search engines and to attract more customers in the long term.

If you do not want to create a landing page for your beauty salon by yourself, you can contact us: Arto Web Agency is always glad to help you! Landing page development is one of our specialities. We will consider your goals and create a modern promotional page. Click on the button below, fill in the simple form, and we will process your request.

Iryna Tyschenko
Marketer, Copywriter

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