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How to create an effective marketing page for a construction company

Landing page and site for a construction company are not interchangeable web resources. To describe all the services of your company, a story about yourself and your advantages, you need a full site. The selling page is an effective tool for presenting and promoting a unique offer.

The main goal of a landing page is to convert traffic to specific actions with maximum efficiency. It can exist both separately and within the multi-page website of the company.

The specificity of the target audience in the construction industry is that customers are looking for a specific product. They need simple and understandable calls to action, and clear descriptions of the company's advantages.

Therefore, the main point that you need to decide before starting to develop a landing page is why you need it.

Landing page of a construction company can most often be created for:

  • presentation of a new apartment complex;
  • promotion of one service;
  • offers, giveaways, and competitions.

Landing page for each of these goals has its own characteristics. We've put together some useful tips for different occasions, as well as the best examples and landing pages on construction topics.

Landing page for the presentation of a new facility: main emphasis

First screen

Studies of user behavior on the Internet show that visitors decide on further familiarization with the site in first three seconds of viewing the page.

This means that the welcome screen should motivate a potential client to read further. Like, for example, these landing pages:

  • with a tempting call to look to the future;

  • with a spectacular photo and video review;

  • with dynamic images and laconic design.

On the first screen, you should add these elements for an effective presentation.

  1. The name of the complex and the developer, brand logo.
  2. Call to action – "pick up an apartment", "find out more", "order a cost calculation", "sign up for a site visit". It is important to understand what target action you want to push the buyer to: leave a request, call the manager, get acquainted with the price or special offer, etc. Based on this, develop an effective call-to-action and place the CTA button on the first screen.
  3. Offer – a unique selling proposal: promotions, discounts, seasonal sales.
  4. Contacts – phone, e-mail, social networks or the main site links.
  5. Image – as you see in the examples above, it could be not necessarily a photo, but also a video, or both. The main task is to visualize the object in the best way.

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Object Presentation

So, your client is impressed by the welcome screen and wants to know more.

The first thing that comes to mind after the words "luxury real estate" – spacious bright rooms and stylish design. When the buyer hears a "private cottage", most likely he imagines a cozy house located in a green area.

And even "budget studio apartments" are not the bare walls of small-sized housing, but a competently furnished small area in a new building. Visualize your customers' dreams with:

  • high-quality photo and video materials;

  • 3D technology;

  • cinemographs or background video.

Add soft scrolls, textured elements in the photo, panoramic shots – the client should literally "feel" this object.

As a rule, the landing of a residential complex or other real estate is launched before their commissioning. Therefore, most likely, there will not be real images at your disposal. And that means they need to be created. Pay serious attention to visualization and engage professional photographers and designers.


All text blocks on the landing page should be concise. The promo page for the presentation of the new construction project is a beautiful picture + confidence triggers.

Why us? Why should you trust us? Here are the questions you should answer reasonably.

Confidence is caused by:

  • successful projects implemented earlier (cases, portfolio);
  • specific facts – "we will build a turnkey frame house in two weeks", "the smart house system guarantees the safety of your home".
  • guarantees – "free repair of any operational problems within a year after check-in";
  • price – when the buyer sees fixed prices, he is confident in the stability of your company and can calculate his budget.

Avoid loud phrases and try to answer all the questions that a buyer may have.

For example, on the landing page of this company, customers can familiarize themselves with the finished projects:

Here are the facts about thereal estate developer:

And some more successful examples of describing the benefits:

Benefit for the buyer

We have already mentioned the importance of a unique selling proposal. You can place a brief description of the offer on the first screen, but also be sure to describe it in more detail below.

This is one of the key aspects that can motivate the buyer to make a deal:

  • emphasize the limit of your offer (by time or quantity);
  • suggest better terms than competitors;
  • show real benefits in numbers;
  • be sure to place the registration form or the button for navigating to it in the block with the offer.

Look for inspiration on quality marketing pages:

Landing page for the promotion of construction company services: what to pay attention for

The strategy of promoting a service is somewhat similar to promoting a new facility. On such a landing must be:

  • high-quality photos or videos;
  • cases and portfolios;
  • advantages and differences from competitors;
  • price list for services.

Special attention should also be paid to the following sections.

Service Description

Whatever you do – design, interior work or construction of turnkey houses – you should describe your work as simple and clear as possible for the client.

If possible, avoid complex terminology and specify the service:

  • what do we do;
  • how do we do it;
  • why it can be useful for a potential client.

Here is a great example of a selling page for a house painting service:

Look at how interesting the stages of work are displayed, not only in text but also in graphical form.

Portfolio and feedbacks

Construction work is an expensive pleasure. This is definitely not a service that people order quickly and "on the run", as on car service landing pages. Therefore, customers, choosing a contractor, carefully study the reviews, photos and videos of the work performed. Provide them with strong evidence that they are not buying a pig in a poke.

Add photos or videos of your work and real customer feedbacks. Never use photos from stocks and review texts you wrote by yourself. Every feedback must be real: today it is easy to check in a couple of clicks on Google. You can connect a review with a person's account on social networks. This will further enhance readers' confidence.

Also, consider the possibility of commenting on the site, otherwise the client may have doubts about the authenticity of previously submitted feedback.

Trust triggers

This section includes:

  • guarantees;
  • advantages;
  • experience.

The main goal of the page is to convince the client that the company can be trusted. Facts and guarantees for the work can tell about this in the best way.

It is also good to introduce your team to the potential buyer. Real people with work experience are more credible than an impersonal company.

Here are a few examples of how to formalize your advantages in a landing page on construction topics:

And here is an example of an interesting competitive advantage – a client can control the execution of work using a smartphone:

How to make an attractive landing page for a promotional offer of a construction company

Such landing pages are usually minimal in design and content. But their goal is maximum conversion. Therefore, the entire structure, navigation, text and graphic blocks should motivate the buyer to perform the target action.

The first thing to do while developing a promotional landing page is to come up with a unique offer and call to action. Your offer must be really interesting, and the headlines and slogans should be catchy.

Consider what might be interesting for your target audience. It could be:

  • unique geographical location;
  • favorable conditions of installment and purchase;
  • a promotion for a service or product with a large discount or for a limited time;
  • seasonal offer;
  • special offer for regular customers.

Follow the rule: less text, more essence. You can focus on the benefits of the offer with the help of images, buttons, registration forms and of course a well-thought out call to action.

For example, like here:

The conditions of the promo and its time duration are immediately indicated on the first screen. The "Details" button leads to a detailed price list for services. Above there are contacts and a feedback link.

Or here:

This site indicates the specific benefits of buying an apartment, contacts, and the "Learn More" button leads to the page with the application form.

Some useful life hacks for making a cool offer

  • Be sure to place it on the first landing page.
  • To highlight the USPin the test, select a different font size.
  • Put maximum triggers of trust in the offer: for example, "a guarantee for 10 years", "get a dream home in a month", "customers have trusted us for more than 15 years," etc.
  • Indicate the conditions of the action and the call to action: "order", "buy", learn more".

Perfect offer formula can be described as:

customer benefit + promotion (bonus) + limitation (temporary) + guarantees (trust) + call to action.

Study the needs of the target audience, the unique selling offers of competitors, and test different offer options to find the most effective.

Do not forget that a landing page for a construction company is a selling page for a specific service, presentation of a new object or promotions and special offers. In order to cover the entire spectrum of your enterprise, you will need a full web site.

The promotional page should give users an understanding of what kind of product you sell and why it is worth buying from you. Landing page is the maximum of useful information in a minimalistic structure. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the correct offer and an effective call to action.

Features of the design of the landing page will depend on the purpose for which it is provided. Study your target audience, determine a strategy for product promotion and optimize your landing page for these conditions, and you will achieve high conversion rates.

But if you do not want to burden yourself with unnecessary worries to create a landing page for your construction company, you can contact us: Arto Web Agency is always glad to help you! Landing page development is one of our specialities. We will consider your goals and create a unique and modern promotional page. Fill in the form by clicking on the button below and we will definitely process your request.

Iryna Tyschenko
Marketer, Copywriter

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