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Developing a landing page for us is like creating a story. A story, which inspires and calls for actions. The design of a landing page we are aiming for fully concentrates your customers on the purchase, ensuring a smooth journey to your goal.



During the development we are focused on the performance of the landing page and optimize it according to the requirements of Google PageSpeed Insights.


For maximum sales efficiency it is extremely important that your landing page is displayed correctly on any screen size, as well as on any browser and operating system. We will take care of this.


We carefully think through the your customers’ path: from the awareness of the need to a purchase or order. Therefore, we place on the landing page only those things that will show the value of your offer.


Festival "Bouquet"
2 weeks of development
37,7% – landing page conversion rate
SpeedUp – page speed optimization service
2 weeks of development
12% – landing page conversion rate
PaperCloud – accounting service
3 weeks of development
2% – landing page conversion rate
Festival "Shevafest"
1 week of development
17,5% – landing page conversion rate
Autoservice "DZigora"
2 weeks of development
3% – landing page conversion rate

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Use our calculator to estimate development costs. By marking the necessary options in the list, you can immediately see how they affect the price. The results of the calculation will be taken into account when processing your application.
1 Design
  • Exclusive design is created individually for your project, reflecting all the specifics of your business. We will create a dynamic premium class landing page that will look unique and stylish: it will not be confused with the competitors’ page.
  • The unique template-based design is created basing on a ready-made free or paid template that is bought or downloaded at special sites. Then we introduce the necessary changes into the template to bring it in line with the requirements of the client’s business. This option can be cheaper than exclusive design, because the layout is not created from scratch.
2 Logo development
Choose this option if your business does not yet have a logo that will represent it on the Internet. In this case, we will further develop the original logo, which will stick in everyone’s memory.
Yes No
3 Calculator / quiz implementation
We can add an interactive calculator or quiz (questionnaire) to your site. By answering a series of questions regarding your product or service, the user will end up with an optimal personalized offer. This significantly increases landing page conversion.

The calculator allows the user, by ticking the necessary options, to calculate (exactly or approximately) how much the goods or services will cost.

Quiz works on a similar principle: the user answers the questions, and the result is the selection of one or more products or services that match his requests most closely.
Yes No
4 Connecting email and SMS notifications
  • Email notifications for your customers are needed to ensure that your users receive notifications about a successful order, its details, or a personalized quiz-based offer to their email. E-mail alerts can also be useful for notifying your managers that a request has been made on the site or some other action has been performed.
  • SMS notifications Sending SMS notifications to your customers and/or employees, as well as email notifications, is used to quickly inform you via a convenient communication channel.
5 Text writing
The copywriters of our agency will write a unique selling text for your web page that will clearly describe all the features and benefits of your offer, as well as help you smoothly lead the client to the target action. We highly recommend you to choose this option, because it removes a gap between the text and visual components of the page. Such a gap can appear when making of a landing page and the writing of its text are supervised by different contractors.
Yes No
6 IP telephony and Chat
  • IP telephony - a virtual PBX allows transferring your phone or a landline number into a multi-channel one, allocating separate lines for managers, and to save the recorded calls, set up an automatic responding machine with unique voice greetings, turn up an incoming call tracking. We will configure turnkey IP telephony: you only need to give us the phone number you want to use.
  • Chat - built-in online chat will allow your customers to communicate directly with managers through the text messages, which can be very popular for users who are embarrassed to talk on the phone.
7 Payment system connection
Connection to the payment gateway is necessary for receiving online payments from customers directly on the landing page. This is convenient not only for customers, but also for the business owner, because the money will be transferred immediately to the settlement account of the company. Our specialists will connect the turnkey payment system: you will only be required to give us your payment details, and the documents confirming the registration of an individual entrepreneur or a legal entity.
Yes No
8 CRM Integration
CRM is needed to automate many business processes: to save customer lists and data about the interaction with them; to analyze this information, conduct mailings, etc. After setting up the integration, all the necessary data from the landing page will immediately go to CRM. Please note that for this feature to work, your CRM must provide an API.
Yes No
9 Google Analytics / Yandex Metrics goals setting
We will help you set up goals in Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics – it means to specify which user actions on the page are micro and macro conversions (for example, subscribing to newsletter and ordering goods). This will allow you to track the effectiveness of your landing page and advertising campaigns.
Yes No
10 Facebook Advertising, Instagram, Google Ads
Targeted advertising on Facebook, Instagram, Google Ads will allow you to show ads to the exact category of users who are interested in your product or service. We can help you to conduct:
  • one-time setup – our specialists prepare advertising materials and set up targeting, and then you will get access to the advertiser's cabinet and be able to do campaign with your employees;
  • one-time setup + advertising campaign support on Facebook – we do not only set up advertising, but also make an agreement for further support. At the same time, after the campaign start, we transfer 5% of the landing page ordering cost to your advertising account as a cashback.


Arto is a comprehensive web agency. We develop professional landing pages of any complexity that meet all the needs of your business.

In the portfolio of the agency you can see cooperation with well-known Ukrainian and international companies and organizations, which highly value our work. And we are also so proud to cooperate with them.



Creating the visual elements of the page, its interactive components and the text, we always take the place of your business, asking ourselves: does our work match your business’ goals and objectives? We have the experience in developing landing pages for both the commodity business and for ordering services, promotion of franchises, etc. We understand how important it is for an entrepreneur to use funds rationally, so we carefully optimize the budget. We do not offer those options that are not needed in your case. Thus, you can buy a quality landing page at a reasonable price.


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