Landing page


Shevafest is an open-air festival for open-minded people. It's a quality and modern cultural space where people can find meaningful rest.


The task was to create a promotional page for the international multidisciplinary festival in a short time. The page should familiarize visitors with the event and its purpose. The main target of the page is to sale tickets to the festival.


We used brand symbols generously and made a somewhat brutal and minimalistic design concept to convey the emphasis of the festival on contemporary content and its focus on young and active audiences.


The motto of our landing page is "nothing superfluous". The page laconically answers the main questions about the festival: "What is this event?", "Who and when will perform there?", "How to get to the event?", "What is the purpose of SHEVAFEST?"


When designing, we always pay attention to ensure that the interaction with the product is equally convenient on all device types. This time was not an exception :)


During nearly a month of the campaign, 2294 users visited the festival page, and 405 of them bought tickets to Shevafest. Thus, the landing page conversion was 17.5%. A pleasant bonus for us was an acknowledgment of our work by the client in a

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