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Speed Up

Speed Up is our service to speed up the loading of websites using a unique software module of our own design.


To create a promo-page that can briefly but informatively familiarize with the advantages and features of our offer, and also clearly demonstrate the factors that prevent your site from being really fast.


To frame the functional interface with a minimal and clean design adding some bright accents. Make the results of site scanning intuitive understandable, and the formation of the price - as clear as possible.


The central element of the page is the website scan results. The user is being clearly demonstrated the optimization of his site for various types of devices and the list of the speeding-up-works. By ticking the services, the user can order the most effective work (if he wants to optimize the budget) or select all the services to achieve the maximum result.


The Speed Up software module is installed on the site with a single line of code, and allows you to apply best optimization practices using a graphical interface. Therefore, after we accelerate your website, you will be able to independently maintain a high download speed with the help of a convenient admin panel. See


We have created the actual landing page for the actual service. Furthermore, invented the ability to accelerate without a headache.

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