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McCann Kyiv

McCann Kyiv is a division of the McCann international advertising network. Advertising campaigns of this agency are well-known to many Ukrainians.


Develop a page that will tell the client about McCann Kyiv’s activities and demonstrate the most successful advertising campaigns created by the agency. The work must be done in a very short time – the landing should be already ready in a week.


We actively use the elements of the site of the parent company, add new blocks, make improvements to the UI, UX and the technical component. Such an approach will make it possible to emphasize the agency’s belonging to the global network, and also to achieve a qualitative result in a short time.


We stick to the structure and visual component of the parent company site: first, we introduce the user with the work examples, and then we tell a little about the agency. At the same time, we make the contact information more expressive, we add a stylized Google map and links to agency accounts in social networks. We remake the block “Our Customers”, adding a convenient navigation through the blocks and the functionality for selecting the language version.


Even where ready-made developments were used, we make certain improvements. Using vector logos and navigation elements instead of raster, hovers of active elements, optimization of images and code – all this has improved the overall result.


The customer received a landing page on time that fully satisfies his needs. It should be noted that the result obtained is not solely our merit: the customer and the developers of the parent site have made their invaluable contribution to achieving the result.

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