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Bouquet is a high art festival that combines symphonic and chamber classics with jazz, experimental and electronic music, theater and visual art.


The task was to develop a promo page that will acquaint the user with the festival, will allow him to feel the enchanting atmosphere of the event and will make him wish to attend the events of Bouquet Kyiv Stage.


The idea was to make successful composition with the use of brand book elements to make the association of the festival with a bouquet of gifts. It's combining the old and futuristic, cheeky and polite, emotional and meditative.


The page introduces the essence of Bouquet, logical blocks of the festival, venues and participants to the user. We paid special attention to the convenient presentation of the events program, which allows the user to find an interesting event and register to it quickly.


We installed Temo CMS, which is an exclusive product for our customers, to create a convenient opportunity to make the text and images on the page editable for the client.


In total, during the advertising campaign that took place during August 2018, 8467 users visited the site. 3189 of them registered to attend the festival events. It is also important to us that the customer is pleased with our cooperation, which is confirmed by his

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