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Minimalism, expertise, attention to details: how to create a landing page for a law firm

Landing page for a lawyer has certain specifics. Its main task is not about selling the service directly, but more about getting to know the brand and motivating the client to sign up for a consultation. A sales page for a law firm is both a commercial and an image-making resource.

Most of the potential customers cannot imagine what they will have to pay for and what processes the service consists of. That is why the purchase is preceded by a series of personal consultations with a lawyer. The more complex the service is, the more meetings you may need.

The main criterion for choosing in the legal sphere is the trust of a potential buyer. Our tips will help you to create an effective landing page that can generate such trust and encourage the client to turn to you.

3 signs of a successful selling page for a lawyer

  1. Landing page = one service. To sell several ones, you need a multi-page site. Each individual service needs a different description, argumentation and call to action. Those who are seeking a family lawyer are unlikely interested in resolving business issues, and vice versa. If you are a large law firm with a wide range of services, you need a full-fledged site. The landing page can be used to promote one product for a specific target audience, or in order to declare yourself and engage more traffic to the site.
  2. Simplicity. Your customers do not understand all the nuances of your profession and specific terminology. Therefore, write about your services clearly and understandably for people who do not have a law education.
  3. Use cases instead of reviews. Legal issues are a very personal area. It is unlikely that customers will want to leave a comment about the successful solution of their case and put it on a public display. Website visitors understand it, therefore they do not believe public reviews and consider them fake. If you want to emphasize your expertise, publish several successful cases on your landing page.

How to create an effective promotional page for legal services


The main requirements for a law landing page:

  • minimalism;
  • strict colors;
  • corporate style.

Your page should give the client a feeling of reliability, so say "no" to bright colors, animations and trending special effects. Of course, we do not urge you to make an outdated design. Just do not get carried away with fashionable elements that will look more appropriate in creative areas (for example, on beauty studio's landing page or in photographer's portfolio). You can make a cool landing page for a lawyer in a temperate style.

It's good if you have branded colors: use them in the design of the site in order to consolidate a strong association with your company in the mind of the client. If there are none, use in the design those tones that are psychologically perceived by the user as reliable ones. These are all shades of:

  • blue is associated with honesty, frankness, trust and stability;
  • gray means calm and some formality, so it is better combined with other colors;
  • black is power and depth, and white is youth, freshness, and activity. Add these shades to emphasize other tones and point on something important.

You can also use brown and burgundy shades, which are associated with luxury and antiquity.

Do yo need a landing page for law services?

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Such blocks as "Our Advantages" and "Cases" are the key trust triggers, which are aimed at getting the client to you. We have already said that, in fact, the visitor comes to the page, trying to find the answer to the question: "Will they help me in this company".

The client does not know the specifics of litigation, but the high ranks and regalia of specialists can only partially strengthen the selling effect. Therefore, it is important to identify simple and understandable criteria for why you should be trusted.


This block is better displayed in the form of an infographic. Indicate simple and understandable numbers: work experience, number of successful cases, satisfied customers, etc.

Cases and Clients

Place a few descriptions of the won cases on your landing page. They should not be voluminous:

  • structure the text (what is the essence of the problem, which tools have applied, what was the result);
  • do not get involved in complex terminology and references to articles of laws;
  • if possible, attach scans of court decisions, having previously removed the real names of participants from there.

Here is a great example of such a description:

If your portfolio has cooperation with reputable and public clients, you can strengthen your reputation by mentioning them.

Or attach letters of thanks from your customers: such reviews are hardly fake. This is another incentive to increase the level of trust. If your partner was not too lazy to write a letter, then he really appreciates cooperation with you.


Customers are much more willing to choose a specific specialist than a depersonalized company. Solving legal issues is often a very delicate matter. Therefore, people prefer to consult with a person who sympathizes them.

Introduce your team to the site visitors; write a few words about them, about their experience and specialization.

Service Information

Promoting all the lawyer's services with one landing page is inefficient. Single page is an ideal choice for a single product or promotional offer.

Nevertheless, you can indicate all areas of your work for introducing purposes. If your landing page is aimed at introducing your brand to the client and redirecting him to the registration form or a multi-page website, then the list of services will be very useful. But stick to an important rule: you need a clear structure and separate blocks for private and corporate clients. Make navigation as simple and convenient as possible. The visitor must immediately understand whether your company is engaged in solving certain problems.

This landing page clearly informs users about its specialization – the legal practice in real estate:

And here you can get services in various fields: from civil matters to creating an alibi.

This company specializes in corporate law and tax matters:

Here you can see services which are structured by business area:

How to get help?

Let the client see where to start to get qualified legal assistance. Give him a simple step-by-step instruction with a list of actions, or indicate in what form a person can receive a legal advice. Remember that people does not have to deal with the purchase of such services every day, especially online.

For example, do like this:

Or like this:

Price and terms

People who need legal services are usually in difficult life circumstances. Therefore, it is extremely important for them to understand:

  • how quickly the problem can be solved;
  • how much can it cost?

If you can specify at least a lower price limit, do it. Price list will help to increase conversion, as visitors will immediately understand whether it's worth contacting you.

As for the deadlines, there is no need to take extra responsibility, guaranteeing a quick decision, because you can't say exactly how long the trial will take. But you can specify approximate terms for preparing documents and submitting them to the court, because this is the essence of your service.

Offer and call to action

The rules for drawing up an offer and a call to action for any landing page are pretty the same.

  • If you have a tempting offer, be sure to share it. For a lawyer, this can be a free consultation, a discount on a package of services or an additional service.
  • Place the CTA buttons in a prominent place, ideally on the first screen and on each unit, where appropriate.
  • Design your sales page structure so that the customer can immediately understand what you do and how to contact you.

Here are some good examples of law landing pages:


Denote all convenient means of communication for clients and provide maximum opportunities to receive a consultation:

  • by phone;
  • by email;
  • through instant messengers;
  • using social networks;
  • through the feedback form or callback services, etc.

Make it easy to find the contacts you need as much as possible. Make buttons and registration forms noticeable, comparing with the general background, place phones in the header and footer, or create floating buttons for communication.

Creating a sales page for law services, you cannot rely on ready-made templates. All services are different: they need different arguments and unique calls to action.

To make your landing page an effective tool for converting and searching for new customers, make it as convenient in structure as possible, pay attention to design, emphasize your expertise using cases. Introduce your team to clients – this will increase their level of trust.

And of course, use an attractive offer as the main selling element of your landing page.

Creating a promotional page for a law firm is a challenging and responsible task. If you do not want to take it on your own, then you can assign it to us: landing page development is one of the main specializations of Arto Web Agency. We will consider the specifics of your business and create a promotional page that is perfectly suited to your goals. Click on the button below to fill a short form and we will process your request.

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