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Creating a site, nobody is immune from mistakes. Technical problems, SEO optimization flaws and interface bugs are common to everyone, even to world-famous brands, so you don’t need to be too afraid of them. However, you also should not turn a blind eye to such things: even a minor mistake, at first glance, can slow down your search, reduce the effectiveness of advertising campaigns and lead to loss of customers. An audit service from Arto Web Agency will help you to clean up the site!


Business orientation

Before starting the audit, we try to put ourselves in our client’s place, studying the specifics of the business, its purpose and objectives. This is necessary in order to develop an individual approach to the analysis of your web resource and achieve better results: after all, website optimization largely depends on the purpose for which it operates.

Comprehensive analysis

In the audit process, we strive to look at the problem from all sides: to study not only the technical side of the site, but also the content, usability; analyze the online market and your competitors. This approach allows you to see the most complete picture and find the connection between things that, at first glance, are not related.

Edit optimization

Developing a package of recommendations based on the results of the audit, we follow two main principles: rationalization – we choose the simplest but at the same time effective way to solve problems; and prioritization – indicate what needs to be fixed first. This helps to avoid unnecessary waste of resources.



Consultation (30 min)
Identifying technical duplicates
Finding low value pages
Robots.txt and sitemap.xml analysis
Checking server response codes
Structured data testing
Analyzing tags and meta tags
Load speed optimization
External links analysis
Hidden / incomplete duplicate content
Internal linking
Link profile audit
Semantic analysis
Analysis of commercial factors
Analysis of reviews on the Internet
Analysis of website structutre
Cross-browser / cross-platform
Heuristic analysis of usability
Analysis of psychological triggers
Behavioral factors analysis
Competitive analysis


1-3 business days


3-5 business days


5-10 business days

Our audit approach

Analyzing the site, we do not just make a banal list of malfunctions: today there are a number of automatic services that do this job perfectly. We always try to “dig deeper”: we find out which problems are critical and which are less significant; looking for the relationship between the problems. In addition, based on the results of the audit, we draw up a detailed technical task to correct the errors found. At your request, we can either transmit this document to you for further implementation, or introduce corrections by the team of specialists of our agency.

Do you need our services

Auditing is useful for almost all types of sites: shops and blogs, landing pages and media. The only difference is that in each individual case a different approach to analysis may be required. If you are in doubt whether your site needs an audit and which one, then contact us for advice: we will show you the best solution for your situation.


Arto is a comprehensive web agency. We develop professional landing pages of any complexity that meet all the needs of your business.

In the portfolio of the agency you can see cooperation with well-known Ukrainian and international companies and organizations, which highly value our work. And we are also so proud to cooperate with them.



If you are aimed for long-term cooperation and want not only to implement audit recommendations, but also constantly improve traffic and website efficiency, we recommend ordering SEO promotion from us. And if you are only thinking about creating an online representation for your business, then we are ready to take on the development of the site.We will conduct an audit before placing the site on the network. Do you want your site to work with maximum efficiency? Then stop wasting time and loose customers! Send an application for audit right now, and we will help you to make your web resource more effective, and your business more profitable!


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