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If you are the owner of a commercial web site, then you probably want your proposal to be seen by as many users as possible. Web promotion is a rather compliated and complex process, and one of its main components is SEO (search engine optimization).

Unlike other traffic channels (contextual advertising, affiliate programs, etc.), you should expect quick results in a seo. If you want to order promotion of a company with search engines, then be ready for a long-term and close cooperation. However, if you choose the right strategy, your investment eventually will pay off over and over again, bringing you a steady influx of customers and an edge over your competitors.


Tile and sanitary engineering shop “DZigora”

We conducted a detailed SEO audit of the online store and implemented the recommendations. As a result, organic traffic from Google has increased 5 times in the short term.

Car rental service “7 Cars”

Due to the the comprehensive SEO promotion, the organic search traffic of the site has increased almost twice and now it continues to grow.

Car service “DzigoraComplex”

Complex search promotion of a services site helped organic traffic to become increased 3 times. Currently, we continue to cooperate, and the number of visitors is gradually increasing.

BoschAerotwin Car wipers shop

The website of the auto parts store, developed by our agency, immediately passed a technical audit and was ready for promotion. Shortly after launch, we began to promote the resource and achieved a rapid increase in attendance.

SEO is a trust

Search engines not only do not disclose all the details of ranking algorithms – they also regularly change them. Therefore, in SEO there is almost not one hundred percent guarantee: any actions carry some risk, because that what worked yesterday may not work today; what works for one domain may not be suitable for another. However, with close cooperation between the customer and the contractor, it is almost always possible to achieve positive results. Seo services are not something you can once buy and achieve success immediately. Therefore, an important condition for such cooperation is a trust relationship. Due to the lack of trust, significant budgets sometimes go nowhere.


SEO is not only positions and traffic

The ultimate goal of website promotion is not high positions in search results and even not the unstable traffic, but an influx of customers. After all, even the top-1 search or the huge traffic is worth nothing if it does bring about conversion, if visitors do not become customers. Therefore, in the process of promotion, we always pay attention to the conversion of the site: if the traffic does not bring the expected number of orders, then most likely the problem lies in usability: convenience for visitors, accessibility of key elements. After examining the page of the client’s point of view, we try to correct problem areas and analyze the results.


Do not overlook the details

Everything is important in SEO. Any seemingly insignificant trifle can either bring about significant growth, and vice versa – to become the cause of failure or retard progress. Therefore, our experts are always attentive to details: it is also about the technical optimization of the site, and the elaboration of the semantic core, and external promotion.

Do not work with the competing projects

Another important principle of our agency: we do not undertake the promotion of sites that are very close on topics with those that we have already promoted or are promoting. After all, otherwise we would have to “fight with ourselves”. For example, if we are already promoting an auto wash in Kiev, then we will deny promotion of another capital’s auto wash, but at the same time we can work, for example, with the site of a car wash from Kharkov or Kiev auto parts store.

Looking for extra value

Of course, the main task of any commercial site is to sell goods or services. However, the vector of development of search engines brings about the fact that they reward first of all those pages in the ranking that contain the most comprehensive and valuable answer for the user to the query entered in the search bar. Finding and implementing content that will successfully cope with this – is one of our main goals in promoting. These can be structured texts, photos, videos, infographics, and more.

Everything in the complex

There could be a lot of arguments about influence of behavioral factors and social signals the site's ranking in search, but one thing is clear: using additional paid promotion channels, such as GoogleAds or advertising on Facebook, helps to achieve fast results, when it takes a long time for SEO success. If your portal works in a competitive niche, then we are ready to offer a comprehensive strategy using different sources of traffic, which will help to quickly recruit visitors and secure success in the future.

Budget, effort and resources optimization

SEO has lots of ways. Achieving the same or similar results could be often in several ways, each of which will require a different investment of time and money. We are not afraid to experiment, and on the basis of our experience we try to find the path that will be the best in your particular case. There are no two identical projects: if we see that in your situation something does not work as we would like to, we switch to other methods of promotion.


How much the promotion costs?

We offer website promotion from $ 250 per month. However, it is difficult to immediately tell the exact tariff: we will be able to calculate it only after the thoroughly studying the features of your website and business. Send us an application, and we will make an individual calculation of the cost of website promotion services for you!

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