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Open Air Cinema

Open Air Cinema is a company that produces innovative equipment for outdoor cinemas.


Create for the manufacturer a new online store selling street cinema equipment. As the platform for the resource, the customer chose Shopify as the most convenient one for him. In addition, we need to move all the product positions and blog posts from an old store located on another well-known platform.


We design a store based on a template chosen by the client. We get rid of all unnecessary things, make the design cleaner and clearer to the user. Where template capabilities are not enough - we add new functionality. We use special plugins to transfer products and blog posts from the old resource.


We have completely redesigned the header and the menu of the site to make them more compact, clean and easy to read. Added customer reviews and their logos, among which are Disney, US Army, and more others.


We wade the introductory block with the title more compact and cleaner. However, we left all the most successful elements of the template unchanged.


We added a product redirection bloc that not only allows the user to conveniently select the product he wants, but also has a positive effect on the search engine ranking of the site. For the sake of compactness and ease of perception, product information is organized as tabs. Posted customer reviews.


Despite the use of a ready-made template, which made the creation of an online store accelerated and cheaper, in the development process we resorted to customization of a significant number of website elements. In turn, this required writing a great amount of program code.


In a short period of time and for a moderate budget, the customer received a quality product that fully meets his needs. The client is satisfied with our cooperation and recommends our agency to potential clients, and his proves it.

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