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Clinics on Call

Clinics on Call is an international service where patients from all over the world can find a suitable clinic or doctor.


To design and develop a resource in a short time, which will help its clients in organizing medical treatment abroad. The portal should not only be beautiful and convenient, but also meet the technical requirements for effective SEO promotion.


The informative but clean website was developed. We avoid unnecessary visual workload. The unique color palette and logo associated with the medical theme were created. We also do not lose sight of the need for further SEO-promotion of the resource.


The page serves as the starting point for user interaction with the resource. We did our best to make it as informative as possible, but easy to understand. A sufficient amount of free space allows to focus on key points.


Here the users can read almost any information they are interested in. We also provided a fixed sidebar designed to facilitate feedback, speeding up the client's interaction with the service managers.


This is an equally important page that introduces the user to the doctor's qualifications. Rating, diplomas and awards, list of procedures, video with a doctor - all these elements are designed to help in choosing a right specialist. And the attached contact form allows to make an appointment with a doctor online.


Clinics on Call takes responsibility for the content they publish. Each article is not only written by a competent specialist, but also carefully reviewed by a medical editor. That is why we made provision for both the author and the reviewer to be listed in the article. And a wide range of styles (introductory text, quotation, bulleted, numbered lists, etc.) is a “must have” for us in developing any blog.


Search criteria (country, disease, treatment direction, procedure), multiplied by the abundant number of their options, in total give a huge number of variations in search requests, each of which requires its own page. To solve this problem, we resorted to the development of custom taxonomies and post types. Thanks to this, we were able to generate these pages automatically, which greatly facilitates the work of not only resource administrators, but also a SEO specialist.


The resulting product fully meets the expectations and requirements of the customer. And the launch of the resource did not become the final point of our cooperation – we continue working together to support and improve this product.

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