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Delta Design is an agency specializing in design and advertising for agricultural and agrochemical companies.


Develop a corporate website, which is not only served as a business card, but is a full-fledged channel of clients. In addition, we are responsible for coordinating the work and ensuring smooth cooperation with the agency's designers and our common marketing partner.


As the site basis we used a paid html-template, the structure and design of which we customized according to the brand book and the client’s needs. We worked on the web design and programming, delegated the graphic content preparation to the agency's designers, and the texts writing to marketers.


On this page we laconically placed all the basic information about the agency: the main services directions, work examples, reviews, partners, blog publications, etc. In the design we also made room for SEO-text. A feedback form and contact information in the footer allows the client to quickly and easily contact the agency.


Each of the agency's four main activity areas (design and advertising, printing, advertising constructions, souvenirs) has its own list of services, listed on the appropriate page. The cards contain the service name, a thematic image, a short description and a link to the page with detailed information.


The function of these pages is to provide comprehensive information about the relevant service. They contain both textual information and visualization of performed work examples.


Showing examples of completed work is a good way to demonstrate your design vision and professionalism. The preview of each project contains an image, name and provided services categories within the project.


The central place of these pages is taken directly by work visualization. Text information is shown only in the brief abstracts form. And the navigation at the page bottom allows users to conveniently switch between projects.


Blogging is not only an opportunity to show the expertise in certain professional matters, but also a good tool for a website SEO-promotion. That is why we paid enough attention to its development.


In the design of this section due to the content successful placement we managed to avoid large text arrays. This makes the page quite informative and easy to understand at the same time.


Despite its brevity, the page performs an important function in terms of user experience and site ranking in search engines.


For convenient site management, we used a Wordpress control panel. We also prepared for the customer a convenient manual with instructions for the site editing sections, adding new services, publications, works, as well as requirements and recommendations for the images preparation.


Thanks to the joint coordinated efforts, we managed to create a functional and aesthetic website. And then we continued to cooperate with the customer and started working on the resource technical support.

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