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Emerald Leaves

Emerald Leaves is a local construction and renovation company in South London.


Create a corporate website for a construction company. The resource should contain information about provided services, examples of performed work, customer reviews, company contact details, as well as the functionality of sending an online application. Development needs to be done within a reasonable time frame and on a reasonable budget.


We select and buy an html template that best meets the needs of the project. We edit its design and structure and connect it with the Wordpress control panel. This approach will allow us to reduce the amount of work on design and layout and quickly complete the site development.


The task of the page is to concisely present the company to the user and show the list of services that it provides. The user can learn more about each of the services by going to the corresponding page. Or immediately send an application and get expert advice.


Contains text and graphic information about the corresponding service. The sidebar contains links to other available services, which is useful both for the user and for ranking the site by search engines.


Photos allow you to visually assess the quality of company performed work. For convenient viewing, we have provided functionality that allows to filter photos by service.


Here you can see reviews of customers who have used the services of the company.


Map, address, phone number, email – all these are integral attributes of the contact page. We have also provided a separate form for contacting us regarding cooperation or any other questions.


The old logo had quite good idea potential, but nevertheless had some technical and compositional mistakes. We remade the logo: we corrected its general proportions, balanced the gaps between elements, increased the size of the font part and slightly reduced the detail of the graphic part. With these changes, the logo has a cleaner look and feel more usable in both large and small sizes.


The customer received a convenient site with a well-thought-out structure, and even completely filled with content. And all this for a reasonable price. The client was satisfied with the cooperation, as evidenced by the

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