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EVO is an online store that specializes in selling original automobile wipers of the same name brand.


To develop an online store, which sells “EVO” brand wipers in a short time. The customer was impressed by our experience in this rather highly specialized field. They liked the “Best Wiper” store we had previously developed, and they wanted a similar product.


To optimize the budget and reduce development time, together with the customer, we decided to develop a store based on a Woocommerce template. Moreover, this approach allowed us to make the site management and its technical support understandable to a wider range of specialists.


We almost completely redid the header of the site, set the logo of manufacturer in an optimized svg format. We created a form for selecting wipers for cars and made it available on every page of the site. We provided an alternative way to choose wipers and carefully prepared for this service the logos of more than 80 automobile brands according to the manufacturer's catalog.


By clicking on the logo of one of the car manufacturers, the user from the main page gets to the page of the relevant car brand. There he chooses a car model from the options offered to him, and on the next page – its modification.


Having chosen the brand, model and modification of the car in a way convenient for the user, he gets to the page with wipers for his car. Front and rear wipers (if the car construction provides for them), for convenience, are displayed in separate blocks.


The wipers' card was made as concise as possible. It contains only what is needed: high-quality photos of the product and an indicator of its availability, article, characteristics of the wipers, their price and, of course, the order button.


Our previous experience in the development of online stores for automobile wipers was associated with the creation of a fully custom product with a unique design and an administrative panel of our own design. In the present case, we had to practically recreate the familiar algorithms and mechanics based on the Wordpress content management system. It has become a useful and interesting experience for us, because both approaches have their advantages.


The client received a product that fully meets his wishes. Support for the store is going on. Concurrently, together with the customer, we are already planning a new project.

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