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Best Wiper

Best Wiper is an online shop selling original car windscreen wipers.


Develop an online shop for selling original car windscreen wipers. The finished product should have a modern laconic design and be convenient for customers. Store admin panel should be simple and easy to understand for staff.


Taking into account the specifics of the product and the almost complete lack of references, which satisfy us, we rely on the symbiosis of our own experience in developing online stores and customer experience in the field of windshield wipers selling. We make the goal of developing a brand new product in this area.


Serves as an initial search for wipers. We paid a lot of attention to creating a selection form, so the customer can choose the right product according to the most convenient way for him. At the same time we have provided the possibility of manual selection – the user can manually go to the page of the respective car manufacturer, select there the model and modification of the machine that requires wipers.


For easy selection of necessary wipers, front and back wipers are divided into separate blocks. Filtering of piece and complete goods is provided. In the sidbar, we have also posted recommendations on appropriate wiper models. Any costumer can leave a recommendation after purchasing the relevant product and get a discount on the next purchase as a gift!


For each product line, we have prepared high quality professional photos and added protection against illegal copying. Emphasis was placed on free shipping and certificates certifying the original origin of the wipers. The sidbar posted buyers’ recommendations for the appropriate wiper model. And as part of SEO optimization, we added a block “These wipers are also suitable for the following cars”.


As a site management system we have used our own development – Temo CMS. This approach made it possible to simplify the management of the wiper bindings to certain models of cars as well as to divide the wipers into subgroups: front, rear, driver, passenger. As a result, the staff has the convenience of operating the store, and the users – a comfortable selection of wipers.


Summing up, we didn't just create a good product. This project initiated a fruitful cooperation with the customer not only on the development of the online store, but also the creation of new projects.

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