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Every year more and more of our compatriots are buying and selling goods on the Internet: it is convenient, fast and often profitable. However, in order to successfully launch an online business, it is necessary to take into account a lot of details, among which an important place is occupied by a well-thought-out and professional website. Our agency will help you to create an online store where everyone will want to do shopping!



Making an order, we conclude an official contract with the client, in which we specify our obligations, as well as the terms of development. We actively communicate with the customer, informing him about the progress of work.

Budget optimization

We are aware of each client's needs and capabilities, so we will not offer you options that you do not need. Thanks to this, we avoid situations where the price of the online store becomes unreasonably high.

Comprehensive approach

In the Internet shops developed by us we initially lay the foundation for further marketing manipulations: SEO-promotion, contextual advertising, mailing lists, etc. Therefore, you do not need to remake anything in the future.

Market research

If you want to be the best, it is not enough just to follow the latest research and trends in the field. Therefore, we actively explore the market, publishing the results of our research in reputable publications, and we always use the data obtained in development.

Site speed boost

Owners of many online stores lose customers and profits due to the low download speed. To solve this problem, we developed the SpeedUp software module, which allows you to make your store fast even at the development stage.

Support and Promotion

For the online store to work effectively, you need qualified technical support and SEO promotion. Therefore, after development, we can conclude a contract for the provision of these services and continue to develop your business together.


Design and development
Wordpress development

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Use our calculator to estimate development costs. By marking the necessary options in the list, you can immediately see how they affect the price. The results of the calculation will be taken into account when processing your application.
1 Design
  • Exclusive design is created individually for your project, reflecting all the specifics of your business. We will create a premium class online shop that will look unique and stylish: it will not be confused with the competitors’ site.
  • The unique template-based design is created basing on a ready-made free or paid template that is bought or downloaded at special sites. Then we introduce the necessary changes into the template to bring it in line with the requirements of the client’s business. This option can be cheaper than exclusive design, because the layout is not created from scratch.
2 Logo development
Choose this option if your business does not yet have a logo that will represent it on the Internet. In this case, we will further develop the original logo, which will stick in everyone’s memory.
Yes No
3 Technical SEO
The technical component of SEO is a set of works that will prepare your store for further effective search engine promotion. In particular, it includes:
  • creating robots.txt and sitemap.xml files;
  • optimizing of appearence of tags and meta tags (title, description, header tags, image attributes);
  • canonical links and to language version links setup;
  • adding structured data and more.
Yes No
(Choosing this option saves you time and money on further technical audits and adjustments based on its results)
4 Semantic core collection and site structure
We will analyze the demand for your products on the Internet by collecting popular queries and their frequencies from search engines. We will group this list by categories: this will allow you to plan the optimal structure of your online store, as well as to add the necessary keywords in the texts of the pages. As a result, it will help you to reach higher positions in the search, and make your pages the most relevant to the user's intention.
Yes No
5 Speeding up the site
Even the best online store is almost worthless if it loads very slowly: the customers just leave this site without seeing any product. We make sure your pages work faster:
  • reduce the size of images without losing quality;
  • optimize the loading of resources such as scripts and styles;
  • configure client browser caching for those items for which it is possible;
  • remove unnecessary code and more.

Find more how we speed up web-sites.
Yes No
(If you select exclusive design type, site speed boosting will be included in the cost)
6 Filling the store with products
If necessary, we can add products to your online store. You need to provide us:
  • a list of product names with SKUs;
  • the categories and subcategories to which they belong (if applicable);
  • a photo of each item (one or more);
  • prices;
  • a brief description of each product.
Data must be submitted in the form of a spreadsheet (price-list); the names of the product photo files must match the product's SKU ot another unique identifier.
Yes No
7 Additioanl integrations
8 Google Analytics / Yandex Metrics goals setting
We will help you set up goals in Google Analytics and Yandex Metrics – it means to specify which user actions on the page are micro and macro conversions (for example, subscribing to newsletter and ordering goods). This will allow you to track the effectiveness of your landing page and advertising campaigns.
Yes No
9 Enhanced ecommerce setup
Do you want to know which products on your site are most viewed? Which of them, despite this, users do not buy or often remove from the cart? How effective are banners and promotions on your site?

Enhanced ecommerce will help to solve all these challenges. We will add custom tags to our site to track targeted user activity and get detailed reports about it on your Google Analytics account.
Yes No


Arto is a comprehensive web agency. We develop professional online-shops of any complexity that meet all the needs of your business.

In the portfolio of the agency you can see cooperation with well-known Ukrainian and international companies and organizations, which highly value our work. And we are also so proud to cooperate with them.




Our stores are fast and adaptive

Nowadays more and more users are looking for goods and services on the Internet from smartphones. Therefore, every online store must meet two important requirements: to be loaded quickly and be opened correctly on any device. We pay great attention to this in the development, testing the site on all common platforms. Striving to be aware of the current state of affairs in the Ukrainian online market, we conduct research on the optimization of online store sites in our country. The results are published in popular publications and accompanied by advice for online business owners. You can read our publications by clicking the links below.


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