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New guidelines for seasonal business from Google My Business

The novelty that every seasonal business owner needs to know is the recent update by Google My Business for seasonal enterprises. Now the service advises you to use a feature that allows you to customize the company's off-season mode.

Not long ago Google My Business allowed seasonal businesses to remain "open" at any time of the year, provided that the work schedule for the closing period was removed. According to the new rules, the entire listing should be marked as "temporarily closed". The company card in this case will receive a special red label with the corresponding inscription, which will be immediately seen by users in the search results.

The process of closing an enterprise for the season looks a little bit complicated: there is no such a feature in the Google My Business control panel. To get a marking of a temporary closure, the seasonal business owner must do the following:

  • at the end of the season, contact Google My Business support (by email or by sending a phone call request). Having considered the owner's request, the service staff will include a mark without his participation;
  • when the appropriate season comes and the company will resume the work, the owner will have to adjust his normal work schedule in the control panel so that the business again appears as "open".

Also, as before, through the control panel you can specify special hours for holidays, extraordinary weekends and other events.

The only disadvantage of the new feature is that your company will be displayed as "permanently closed" in Google Maps and in the Google Maps mobile app during the off-season, because the "temporary closing" option only applies to Google search. On the maps this field is not available yet.

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