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Most frequent words in Ukrainian online stores’ titles: results of the research

Recently, Arto Web Agency completed a research of Ukrainian online stores and found that about 40% of them are not optimized for mobile devices. We published the results on AIN.UA (the material is available at the link). Here we want to share some additional data that is not included in the original publication.

In addition to the analysis of 19458 online stores for mobile-friendliness, we also compiled the Title meta tags of their main pages and processed them using our own semantics analysis tool. This tool extracts a list of all words that occur in the given text, brings them to the basic form (nominative or infinitive, singular) and considers the frequency of each word.

After we received a list of all words from the Title tags of online stores of Ukraine (this list is presented in MS Excel table at the link), we selected words from the list that occured more than 50 times, and then filtered the service words (prepositions, conjunctions, and particles), punctuation marks, and special symbols (such as a phone icon). We presented the final list in the form of text clouds, which you can see below.

The size of words in the clouds reflects their frequency. In the first cloud, we included all the words, and in the second - only those of them that describe the category of the online store. The second image allows you to understand indirectly what types of goodsare most commonly sold byUkrainian online stores.

Найбільш частотні слова в Title інтернет-магазинів України

Найбільш частотні слова в Title інтернет-магазинів України за категоріями

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