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Ecogrizzly is more than an online store of zero waste and eco-friendly goods.


We have always been concerned about the future of our planet due to pollution. Having a biology degree and the good experience in web development we decided to combine these competences and create our own online store selling environmentally friendly products. And we also decided that an important component of the company's philosophy would be environmental education and volunteer work.


For launching the business, we had to solve many issues: find suppliers, employees, room for a warehouse, solve certain legal issues, etc. Therefore, in order to open our store as soon as possible, we decided to speed up the website development by taking a ready-made html template and refining it according to our needs. As a platform we chose WordPress combined with the Woocommerce e-commerce plug-in.


Naming and a logo development for our online store was probably the hardest part of the project. About a month of intensive work, many name options and more than 300 logo variants. We created our logo in a minimalist style and a calm color palette. The graphic part is a silhouette of a grizzly bear, walking into an eco-friendly future. In the font, we emphasized the prefix “Eco” and dotted the “i” with a stylized green leaf, symbolizing the rebirth of nature. The logo has a horizontal and vertical layout, which allows us to choose the most convenient option depending on the situation.


At the top of the page we placed an animated informational slider and our store benefits. Next is a block with popular products and new products. And below them there is a slider with promotional items, where the countdown timer until the promotion end may be placed, if necessary. Slightly lower we placed new blog publications, as well as a block of seo-texts and logos of brands whose products we sell. We also added a counter indicating how much of pollutants our customers saved thanks to their eco-purchases.


All the main product categories and their subcategories are navigated here. For ease of perception and visual identification, each category contains a banner with some typical products.


Each category/subcategory of the pre-catalog contains its own catalog with the corresponding products. The page contains filters by various product attributes for convenient search of the desired product.


We care about our customers, so we try to provide them with as much useful information about the products as possible: quality photos, characteristics, certificates, video reviews, etc. We even provided a separate tab with information on how to recycle these products without harming the environment. A useful feature is a block with delivery options, where the customer can immediately see when the order will be sent. In addition, our managers are always happy to provide advice by phone or messengers.

Special mention should be made of eco-bonuses. By using eco goods people save the environment from a certain number of pollutants. We undertook our own research and calculated the average amount of such substances for each of our products (we name them as ). And to thank our customers for saving the planet, we reward them with eco-bonuses (cashback) that they can use in their future purchases. .


Here everything is simple and laconic: the customer sees the items put into the cart, which can be edit, a block with subtotal and a “proceed to purchase” button.


On this page the client enters his/her personal data, selects the method of delivery and payment. For registered customers who have already made purchases and accumulated eco-bonuses, we offer to use them as a discount. In a separate space, the buyer sees the price of the goods and the cost of delivery, which is dynamically updated depending on the delivery options selected by the client.


After making a purchase, the user is taken to a confirmation page. There may be seen the order details and the number of pollutants from which the customer saves the environment thanks to the order and the amount of accumulated ecobonuses. For those who have not yet managed to register an account in our store, we suggest doing this in order to save their eco-bonuses.


After registration the client receives a personal account in our online store, where he/she can check the bonus account and the number of saved pollutants. The buyer can use the accumulated eco-bonuses as a discount on next purchases, or donate them to charitable organizations by going to the “Charity” page. The user also has access to the history of orders, as well as the ability to edit personal data.


The blog is an important tool for our eco-activity. Here we write about environmental issues, give readers advice on environmental protection, publish interviews with environmental activists, etc.


One of the key values of our company is openness and sincerity. Therefore, on the “About us” page, we not only announced our mission and goals, but also introduced our friendly team to customers.


Ecogrizzly is not just about selling eco-friendly goods. We are really concerned about the environment, that is why we are engaged in various environmental initiatives. Among them are our , , and many others.


This is probably the case, when the development of the online store was in the background, although it is done at a high level. First of all, we have created an eco-responsible business that, in addition to profit, also brings social benefits. Moreover, having our own online business (in addition to the web agency, of course) allows us to better understand the tasks and needs of our clients. And this allows us to do our job better.

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